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Almost 3 years ago while on a cruise, I chose to visit Jewels by Love at Front Street, Philipsburg, St. Maarten and had a wonderful experience. There I met Jharna, who spoke with me and my wife for a long time. We shared some of our personal experiences and likes. This was a great beginning to our relationship. Of course I already knew they carried very high-end holorogy and only the best name brands. She made a point to introduce us to Bob, then Rish. I am so looking forward to meeting Mr. and Mrs. Love Mahtani in the not too distant future when we can travel again. We were very impressed as they exuded their passion for and great fund of knowledge of these beautiful timepieces. I sensed their appreciation for this visit and we felt as part of their family immediately. Because of this I decided to continue our relationship and have since purchased several watches from their inventory, which is exquisite. I would like to add that not only were my purchases a very smooth process and proper price, but because of today's travel restrictions, I had them shipped. I have never seen packaging like this before. Jharna went over the optimal day to ship as we wanted the shortest time possible for its safety. I realized not only was I able to track my package, but they did also. Each arrived within 1-2 days and included a gift. All in all this is a well-planned system orchestrated by Love and all his people, even to the shipping department. So, if you are looking to buy an exceptional timepiece from any of their famous watch brands (Patek Philippe, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, A. Lange & Sohne, Breguet...) I urge you to visit or at least call them. You will learn a lot and they will guide you in the right direction so the watch you purchase is the correct one for your taste and lifestyle. You needn't worry a second regarding brands as they are all top of the line. These are very trustworthy people who know their merchandise and truly love what they do.

- A.Medina

"Hi Love, Happy new year. Thank you for making my visit to your store so educational. David and I both really enjoyed our time there. We will definitely reach out in the near future. Best, Dan"

- Daniel Sheng

Hello Love: I just had to write you and say thank you for the wonderful experience of listening to your extensive knowledge of Breguet watches, and the advent of the modern day wrist watch. My friend Jean and I were thrilled to hear you speak with such knowledge and passion; and it made our longer than expected visit that much more pleasant. Our two week vacation at the Simpson Bay Resort and Marina in Cole Bay was wonderful, especially our trip into Phillipsburg. I was happy to see the businesses slowly coming back. It is my hope that once the cruise ships start up, business will be "back to normal". Again, thank you for your wisdom, passion, and your love of public speaking skills. Hope to see you on my next visit in January 2022. Larry Monte

- Larry Monte

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