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The magic of 'Love'

Good day, Love, from Ottawa, Canada We have been home from St. Maarten/St. Martin for a week now and every day I reflect on our time with you in your store. I feel it’s a story to share yet it is beyond my verbal skills to communicate exactly how I felt, how you made me feel, to make people understand the magic of you, Love. You left an indelible mark on my soul. Time spent with friends or loved ones, or even strangers, are now events to celebrate with introspection, not taken for granted. You welcomed us into your store, the home of your passion, your familial history. We received an education on timepieces, on pride of quality, design and manufacture. You welcomed us to your table sharing libation the island way and even the entrance of old, valued clients didn’t distract you from your time spent with us. I believe too often we tend to discard one person in favor for another, whatever the reason, instead of treating each as unique and special in their own right and worthy of your time. I shared the story of your wristwatch that day, the 1921 classic. My friend had seen it on a TV show, Antiques Roadshow, which allowed us to compare notes. They matched! All this to say, we are thankful you chose to open the store that Saturday morning, giving us the opportunity to be ‘touched’ by Love. Warmest regards, Cheryl & Ed Batchelor

- Cheryl & Ed Batchelor

Clients Graced by New Love Relationship

Is this the 21st century counterpart to the time when pocket watch gave way to wrist watch? There are many today who eschew the wrist watch in favor of the so-called smart watch. Not at Jewels by Love! While honeymooning in St Martin, Jill Sidebottom and I had the good fortune to meet, enjoy, and learn the history and passions of horology 2017 from the shop owner, Love himself -- an unrivaled life experience! Thanks, Love, for the dinner reservations you arranged and champagne toast offered at Ocean 82 -- you are a special man! Special thanks also to Manick -- beware his self-effacing moniker of mere gem-setter for he is a fine time-piece purveyor extraordinaire; and, forget not Bhavesh, young apprentice technologically adept and notably proficient at distracting hubby while Manick surreptitiously bejewels wifey! Oh, did I mention, we left with a watch for Jill's daughter, Alyssa, Jill is but a caretaker.

- Mark & Jill Sidebottom

Great Store, Great People!

Rish, Bob, Manick and Co. were a joy to work with. They are all very informative and passionate about horology. I was welcomed with open arms in their Philipsburg St Maarten store. I went in looking for a specific piece and left a happy customer. They have a very laid back and no pressure approach to selling, which is very admirable. You'll feel right at home with this establishment.

- Mike B

A moment of grace

One can easely buy timepieces, but few can be lucky enough to be taught about the legends , the art making of swiss watches and, above all, to have the Jewels by love's customers experience! Thank you Mr Mathani for sharing with us your stories, your impressive knowledge and above all, your passion. We were honored to make your aquaintance, and are conviced that our paths will meet again!

- Sylvia & Stephanie Bapte

Best Jewelry/Timepiece store!

Being a young man in my early twenties I often find that jewelers often have a hard time taking me seriously. My fascination with horology drew me into the store where I was astonished by the great collection of timepieces carried. Rish & Bob were very kind when I entered. Bob and I spoke for several hours and he was very informative about everything in the store. I felt good that he had a great interest in the customer as well as was very knowledgeable of the timepieces carried. You can really feel their genuine love, no pun intended. I look forward to returning to purchase when my time is right. Best experience by far! Thank you and God bless.

- Christopher Meier

A few years ago I was in St Martin on a cruise and wandered into one of Love’s stores. As a watch geek, I was in paradise. I had never seen a store - before or since - that had every top brand under one roof. Although I didn’t buy a watch that day, Love and Sandy gave me the VIP treatment, and in the process gave me a masters degree in fine timepieces. They spent two or three hours with me, explaining what makes a Breguet a Breguet vs what makes a Patek a Patek. Their passion was contagious, and I have not looked at watches the same ever since. Great store with great people. PS Ive been concerned about them after the hurricanes and wish them the best in their recovery.

- Mike Boeckeler

Best Watch Retailer

If you are in the market to acquire a premium timepiece, whether in the Caribbean or your hometown, there is no one more knowledgeable and patient than Love. He is by far one of the world's premiere experts on horology. I have been going to St.Martin for many years and get frustrated by the high pressure sales approach by the other retailers. You will never feel pressured by Love or his staff. Love will educate you and make sure you are matched to the right product. If you should not buy anything, you won't be frowned upon because they know building a loyal client is one who will return and buy something in the future. They invest in you as a long term client and make you feel welcome. They will even ship to your city.

- Brian G from Toronto

Knowledge is power and power is timeless!

Dear Love & Staff, Life has a way of becoming more interesting and intense. Our time shared with you and your staff was a powerful experience. You have heightened our understanding of precious timepieces. Knowledge is Power and Power is Timeless. Wishing you and your family a wonderful and prosperous New Year Our Best, Marianne & Michael Palillo

- Marianne & Michael Palillo

Professionals in the Industry

Love can be found in the Marigot store and his son Rish can be found at the family's new store in Philipsburg. I have been shopping in the caribbean for 26 years now and there's no experience like the one you'll have at this establishment. I recently bought a diamond ring and I got it appraised back in Wisconsin when I got home and the price I paid for it was about half of the appraised value given to me at home. They said it was very good value for my money and they told the truth and for that I highly recommend Jewels by Love.

- Dorothy Kotsopoulos

Retired Military Officer

St Maarten is one of the best islands in the Caribbean to shop for watches, and Jewels by Love is one of the best stores to find your "Grail" Watch! The owner, Rish is a horological expert and obviously enjoys collecting watches himself, and educating clients about high end watches and the high end watch industry. He was able to deliver my "Grail" Watch in record breaking time...faster than any other store in the Caribbean or US could promise. Thank you Rish for a wonderful experience!

- Vernon Lew

Most Honest Store in Philipsburg

If you want to avoid being pounced on by salespeople on front street who are simply schmoozing you to get into your wallet, go straight to Jewels by Love. You will get an education on the finest products in the world without being pressured to buy anything. My wife and I both agree that their jewelry quality is noticeably different from the rest of the stores and its clear by the watches they carry that quality is indeed their forte.

- Jerry Thompson


Jewels by Love is far and away the best in the field of high end watches and jewelry in the Caribbean. Just save yourself a lot of aggravation looking and experimenting and go straight to them. They just don't make jewelers like these anymore!

- Alan Greenstein

We have been going to shop with Love for 29 years now! We've shopped in many places but no other store as good with service and value for money. I have bought many watches and jewelry for my wife and daughters and many beautiful Ulysse Nardin watches for myself.

- Jan Brandenkimper

We fist met Love in 1992 on our first trip to the St. Maarten. Over the next 23 years he became our jeweler of choice, a trusted adviser and a friend. We have acquired watches, fine diamonds and a storehouse of anecdotes (tutorials by Love I call them). Love, his family and staff are a true customer focused organization and we value them highly for those reasons.

- Bill Hart

Dropped in on a recent visit to St. Martin, by far the greatest selection of Premium time pieces around incl. Breguet, Patek, Nomos etc... Rish and his staff are extremely knowledgable and share a passion for haute horology. Was truly a pleasure spending time in the store.

- Stephen Murphy

For the past 20 years all important watches and diamonds for me and my family have come from Love. You will always get the best quality at a fair price. Once you do business with Love, you will never go anywhere else.

- Marty Shultz

Family Jeweler

Love has been our friend and jeweler for over twenty years. We have acquired wonderful diamonds from Love. All top quality and admired greatly when I wear them. Would not think of buying from anyone else. When you buy jewels from Love you can be sure you are getting the best quality for your money.

- Damaris Perez

Every time when we are in Love`s stores it is a big experience for us. And the most important thing: You always have the feeling to be in very good hands.

- Michael and Tilly, Austria

Quality & Beauty

Jewelry from Jewels by Love is an investment in quality and beauty. They can be handed down to the next generation...and beyond.

- Alice Bellows

Jewels by Love is my home away from home. everyone is so helpful and friendly and professional. This is stress-free shopping therapy at it's best! I just love to shop at this store!

- Sarah Jones

best jeweler in town..knows what they are talking about and they sell the best jewels and watches in the world

- Rodney Jones

Jewels By Love yeeeeeaaaaaaah

yeeeaaaaaaaaah this is the best jeweler on sxm

- Annie Horowitz

Dear Love: Thank you for your email. It was certainly a great pleasure to meet you when I was in St Martin. You certainly have an encyclopedic knowledge of watches and their heritage. I really enjoyed our discussions. You are the most knowledgeable of watch experts. Graeme Wheatley

- Graeme Wheatley

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