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It is by divine design that Love Mahtani, the owner of the eponymous Jewels by Love stores is the scion of not one, but two celebrated jewelers - both, his paternal as well as his maternal grandfathers were acclaimed jewelers and diamond dealers!

The Mahtani saga begins circa the mid 1800s when Singhanmal Mahtani finds his life’s calling. Setting out with modest means, on a wing and a prayer, he begins his journey as a diamond trader. By the time his son Tirathdas joins him, he has already earned a stellar reputation. Father and son become a formidable team of eminent diamond and jewelry purveyors.

These were the great-great-grandfather and the great-grandfather of Love Mahtani.

Nenumal, the paternal grandfather and his brother Jethmal along with their father Tirathdas, traveled to Shanghai in the early 1900s. They were the first foreigners to establish a fine jewelry store in Shanghai in July, 1916 which, after some initial teething problems, they operated with great success, well into the 1930s. The business was founded under the name of: "J. N. Tirathdas & Sons - Jewelers". During the 1920s and the 1930s Shanghai became known as "The Paris of the East, the New York of the West".

Lekhraj, the maternal grandfather, who had a thriving jewelry business in Cairo, Egypt, operated under the name of Lekhraj & Sons Jewelers.

Circa 1922

Lekhraj Wadhwani

(Love's Grandfather) Founder of Lekhraj and Sons Jewelers in Cairo, Egypt.

Circa 1976

Vashdev Nenumal Mahtani

Love’s Father outside his Maharajas Jewelry Store in Kingston, Jamaica.

Circa 1983

First retail operation on St.Maarten

Although the Mahtani family has been in the Jewelry/Diamond business for several generations, hereon you will see a glimpse of their history specifically with regards to their operation in St. Maarten/St.Martin. This is the year the Mahtani’s have their first retail operation on St. Maarten. While the store is still under construction in the first days of having the location, Milan Mahtani is already behind the counters.

Circa 1988

Relationships with very special people

The Mahtani’s established hundred of relationships with very special people over the years…some of those relationships include 4 generations of families simultaneously shopping with the Mahtani family…and it continues today!

Circa 1989


Collaboration with the Breguet family and the Mahtani family.

Circa 1991

Philippe Stern (Owner and Honorary President of Patek Philippe)
Milan and Love Mahtani (Owners of Jewels by Love)

Behind every successful businessman, there’s a strong woman…this image exemplifies the old-fashioned way that family businesses operate, where the value of a handshake is all that is needed in longstanding relationships like the one that the Mahtani Family of Jewels by Love shares with the Stern Family of Patek Philippe.

Circa 1992

Rolf Schnyder , Milan Mahtani and Love Mahtani

The relationship between Owner of Ulysse Nardin, Rolf Schnyder and the Mahtani Family was established.

Circa 1993

The next generation of Love being groomed

Circa 2004

Love Mahtani and Kurt Klaus

Learning from the master, himself… IWC’s genius watchmaker, the legendary Kurt Klaus.

Circa 2009

Rish Mahtani, Nicolas G. Hayek and Love Mahtani

Look at your watch…Is it “Swiss Made”? If it is, there’s a good chance it only exists because of the man in the middle of this photo. This is the man who is said to be responsible for saving the Swiss Watchmaking industry single-handedly.

Circa 2011

Rish Mahtani Graduated from Pace University in New York

And then the next generation joins… A BIG YEAR - Rish Mahtani Graduated from Pace University in New York City and joins the family business full-time in St. Maarten.

Circa 2012

Love Mahtani, Ludwig Oechslin and Rish Mahtani

Another mind-blowing lesson from one of the worlds most legendary watchmakers; Ludwig Oechslin, mastermind of high-complications at Ulysse Nardin. Learning from the very best so that we can pass on the knowledge of the fine art of watchmaking to our clients.

Circa 2014

Love Mahtani, Thierry Stern (President of Patek Philippe), Rish Mahtani

Its more than just business… it’s friendship!

Circa 2015

...And the legacy continues

The current caretakers of the eponymous Jewels by Love:
Rish Mahtani and Love Mahtani (Owners of Jewels by Love)

Circa 2016

Emmanuel Breguet, Love Mahtani & Rish Love Mahtani